Trust, but Verify.
Attestation in Minutes.

Meet the most exacting compliance requirements in minutes without the storage, querying and archival of authentication and authorization logs.

Effortlessly meet exacting
compliance requirements and attestation requests


Empower your customers, and build trust via rich access logs

Every authentication and authorization request processed via Katanemo is logged in a structured format, and available for retrieval in a self-service manner by your customers so that they can enhance their SEIM experience and build trust with your service.

Know who did what, when on which resource - in minutes

Katanemo’s structured logs capture all the relevant authorization details you need to confidently complete operational, compliance and forensic analysis. Katanemo manages the storage, scale retrieval and archival of access logs so that you can focus on your business.  

Comprehensively visibliy, No Infrastructure

Effortlessly keep track of all the API actions against your service, without worrying about size, accuracy and organization of API events. Katanemo instantly scales the infrastructure needed to manage log events on your behalf so that you can focus on what matters most to your business: features.

as a comprehensive auditing tool

Katanemo’s industry-grade access events functionality helps you confidently effortlessly serve new usage scenarios, engineering leaders eliminate risky and repetitive infrastructure work.

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