Slick multi-modal identity for modern applications

Katanemo helps you keep pace with today's adoption patterns - effortlessly onboard a small team within an organization and  grow to thousands of enterprise users in minutes

Effortlessly unlock product-led growth


Unlock growth via slick on-boarding and login

Don’t spend precious time evaluating, building and operating on-boarding and login workflows for your app. Katanemo offers you an internet-scale experience designed to serve a single user in a small team to thousands of users in an enterprise. Use Katanemo’s hosted and customizable sign-up abd login pages to get started quickly.

Build stickiness via  automation

Katanemo’s unified machine identity capabilities offer your customers a seamless way build automation against your service. APIs tend to be very stick. Don’t worry about key rotation, managing key secrets, or encryption algorithm. Use Katanemo and get a unified idenity experience for your application

Accelerate revenue by moving upmarket via SSO

Add high-conversion enterprise authentication options via SSO - without having to build and manage them yourself. With zero-effort you can offer the most popular enterprise sign-in options and support your biggest customers as quickly as possible

Katanemo as your
identity platform

Katanemo is a modern identity system for modern software companies. Helping product leaders effortlessly serve new usage scenarios, engineering leaders eliminate risky and repetitive infrastructure work.

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Build modern software companies without the infrastructure tax

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