Highly consistent, blazing fast, fine-grained permissions

Your customers won’t have to choose between security and a great user experience again. Katanemo helps your customers achieve least-privilege access controls using an incredibly simple, standards-based, permission language (OpenAPI, GraphQL) and resource model.

Effortless on-boarding
and safety features that grow your buiness


Build modern safety controls without a crack security team

Identity is especially complex in SaaS scenarios. Can you enable a zero-friction getting started experience for small teams? Can that experience scale instantly enterprise use cases? Don’t spend precious time evaluating, integrating and building a multi-modal identity experience. Use Katanemo - a modern identity and fine-grained permissions service for SaaS apps.

Enterprise-grade privacy and collaboration via RBAC/ABAC

In today's fast-paced world, collaboration is key to success, and many modern applications, such as Figma, Notion, and Dropbox, are built around the notion of privacy and safe collaboration. Katanemo's fine-grained authorization features like RABC and ABAC enable you to build privacy and collaborate controls in minutes.

Internet-scale performance via ARC

Today, developers are forced to make the unacceptable trade-off between weak coarse-grained authorization and  fine-grained authorization that must operate under a strict latency budget. Katanemo offers ARC, a fast lightweight utility that intelligently caches permissions data, allowing developers to achieve least-privelge without compromising latency.

Katanemo as your privacy and safe collaboration accelerator

Katanemo is a modern fine-grained permissions systems that enables you to achieve exceptional isolation and privacy of API operations and data, while unlocking safe collaboration use cases that can make your application sticky and more desirable to users, organizations and enterprises.

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