Katanemo for SaaS

Developer Friendly,
Enterprise worthy.

Address today’s grand B2B SaaS challenge easily: make access for users seamless AND prevent unwanted access to data and resources.

Effortlessly build modern SaaS applications
without the infrastructure tax


 Build faster

Build enterprise-ready identity and access controls in minutes. Use Katanemo’s incredibly simple, standards-based identity and fine-grained access management service. Focus on your customers, not catching up to your competitors.

Modern Security for Modern Applications

Build modern safety features into your apps to meet the most demanding requirements of enterprises and CISOs. Focus engineering investments on your app rather than undifferentiated infrastructure and security work so that you can move faster and delight your enterprise customers

Empower collaboration

Make collaboration features safe and easy using Katanemo’s fine-grained access control APIs and attestation features. Don’t let clunky collaboration experiences restrict the full power of your applications.

Katanemo as your superpower to build SaaS businesses

Katanemo is a powerful identity and fine-grained permissions system purposefully designed for SaaS applications - enabling you to achieve privacy of API operations and data, while unlocking safe collaboration use cases that  make your applications sticky and more desirable to users, organizations and enterprises.

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Build modern software companies without the infrastructure tax

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